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March 16, 2013

Opinion Line Extra (March 16)

I don’t mind helping the needy, but I get tired of lazy folks coming up with reasons not to help the needy.

I don’t mind helping the needy, but I get tired of lazy folks coming up with reasons not to help the needy.

Cutting the size and cost of government allows for more liberty and encourages more industry and job creation. Every penny taken by government is a penny, unfortunately, not available to be spent or invested in the private sector. Less government means more opportunities, more freedoms and more prosperity.

Don’t act like the White House tours were canceled and Obama was powerless. He can manage what gets stopped and what doesn’t. Liberals constantly act like he’s powerless to do what’s right.

I do not think that just because the stock market goes up, Obama has become a savior. The stock market going up is good, but you can’t ignore all the attacks on our freedom.

The cheapest cash price (no insurance) for a topical acne medication is $210. I pray I’m never in need of essential, life-sustaining medications. At prices like that, I won’t be able to afford to live very long. Making a profit is OK, but this is just wrong.

Someone asked, “Why are you liberals so afraid of us Christians?” Because you will quote “facts” when they are in your favor, and then claim “belief” when they are not.

Liberals afraid of Christians? Nah. We are Christians. You hide behind your Christianity. We live it.

As a liberal, I am not afraid of Christians. I just wonder why so many express un-Christian words and actions – such as those against our president.

Why are liberals afraid of Christians? Let’s see – there were the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition and the extermination of the native people in North and South America. More recently, we had Jim Jones, Warren Jeffs and Catholic priests raping children. Need more?

Any company that touts itself as a Christian organization is just using that to allow itself to overcharge the so-called believers.

Some say that by selling alcohol in grocery stores, the one-stop shopping will save time and money. Maybe they should consider the time and money saved, plus the positive health benefits, of just forgoing the alcohol altogether.

The demise of Shorty Small’s is a perfect example of Business 101. Poor service, poor food quality and high prices will cause you to close your doors.

For the 20 percent of the drivers on the road March 9 who chose not to obey the law: Kansas law requires drivers to turn on their headlights when windshield wipers are in continuous use.

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