Opinion Line (March 16)

03/16/2013 12:00 AM

03/15/2013 4:14 PM

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The bill to ease regulation on AT&T is a prime example of why government must regulate big business. Big business will do whatever it takes to make more money at the expense of the consumer and environment. Unfortunately, some of our state “representatives” are more than willing to help out.

Haven’t there been enough deaths, pain, suffering, destruction and expense associated with the consumption of alcohol without making it more available at every convenience and grocery store?

Cigarette smoke at the Kansas Star Casino is nauseating, and getting worse. The place reeks. Haven’t they heard of air filters?

Do you know why unions went to payroll deductions? It’s because they knew that if their members had to physically pay the dues, they would realize they weren’t getting value. However, the union leaders in their big houses are.

So they call it daylight saving time, but in the process we all lose an hour of sleep. The government had to have a hand in that.

It’s ironic that the far right mocks support for public broadcasting and Big Bird. The ostrich is the perfect symbol for its positions, with its tiny brain in a head buried to any evidence of science, experience and common sense.

It is clear that the government is doing all it can to punish the American public for its very minimal budget cuts. When this type of baloney is identified, the responsible government employee should be terminated. That is the president.

“TSA asked to rethink allowing small knives.” Yep – land of the free, home of the brave.

Sports teaches us there are winner and losers, which in turn describes our everyday life. I’m sorry to all you Jayhawk fans for sharing a crown that is rightfully yours.

I would rather KU add another power conference game to its schedule than WSU. Doesn’t it already play teams like Fort Hays and Pittsburg State? Isn’t that enough charity?

WSU has the greatest basketball teams. Wichita should be proud of both the men and women, and give them a lot of support.

I read that Wichita has good museums. I wouldn’t know. I can’t afford the admission.

Those all tattooed up like the funny papers have identity problems. “Look at me! Look at me!” I would never hire, date, do business with or befriend someone like that. You have to be of weak disposition to find your identity in defiling your body.

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