Opinion Line Extra (March 15)

03/15/2013 12:00 AM

03/14/2013 5:42 PM

The food the cardinals were given during the papal conclave was like “hospital food.” No wonder they picked a new pope so quickly. Maybe we should try this on our politicians to get our budget mess fixed. No lobster with the president. Boiled Brussels sprouts are on the menu.

So the president says we don’t have a debt problem for our country – this coming from a man who will be well taken care of the rest of his life. It would be almost laughable if it wasn’t so serious.

If the federal government can’t afford the 2 percent decrease from this year’s spending increases, then how can it afford Obamacare oversight? How is it going to pay for the increased gun regulations and background checks a few want?

If a Chinese person could run for president in the USA, he would probably win. The Chinese seem to be doing more for America than the riffraff in Washington, D.C.

I watch the Sedgwick County Commission meetings on Wednesdays for county business. This week Commissioner Karl Peterjohn ranted on regarding the federal government. Is my taxpayer money going for that? Also, when he is speaking, he is looking up and to his right. What is there? The camera is not.

To the person whose car gets bumps and dents in the grocery-store parking lot: I lived for 35 years in California, where all grocery stores carry beer, wine and liquor. Never once was my car bumped or dented. Nor did I encounter a drunk.

Has anyone tallied up the bills that are making their way through the House and Senate in Topeka? Almost all I have heard about have nothing to do with actually running the state. They are all about telling people how they will live their lives. Talk about the nanny government.

If “pay a little extra taxes” is your idea of “helping those in need,” then you are just letting the government do your job and patting yourself on the back.

The Parade magazine on Sunday included an article about salaries and careers. I found it quite amusing and a bit ironic that the only one presented from Kansas was a part-time clown in Topeka.

K-State fans crying about the KU-Iowa State bad call should remember their one-point win at West Virginia. A bad call against West Virginia gave them a win that should have been a conference loss.

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