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March 15, 2013

Opinion Line (March 15)

No matter our view about this pope ordeal, the Catholics began and ended with prayer. Good for them.

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No matter our view about this pope ordeal, the Catholics began and ended with prayer. Good for them.

Congratulations, Wichita State women, on winning the Missouri Valley Conference championship. Thank you, Wichita Eagle, for the article “Difference-makers” (March 13 Sports). It was well-written, very deserving and inspiring.

Daylight saving time always will be stupid – much ado and confusion about nothing. Let’s join Hawaii and Arizona and not participate.

It’s dumb to have the announcement board inside the glass wall at Intrust Bank Arena. It might help attendance if the arena invested in a sign out front that posts information about special sales or coming events.

Does KDOT have a clue when it will complete the itty-bitty Valley Center bridge it started months ago? Ask the workers to quit leaning on their shovels and get it done.

Could someone explain to me why so many of the bills coming out of Topeka are about negative things: cutting school funding, getting more guns in our lives, making medical choices for women, and telling local governments what to do?

With all the “monkey see, monkey do” attitudes that have so many people carrying guns, it is obvious Kansas got it wrong concerning Darwin’s theory. I wonder how many of the gunslingers even know who Darwin was.

Watching congressional Democrats and Republicans debate the U.S. budget is like seeing two drunks arguing over a bar bill on the Titanic.

Too many naive Obama supporters believed that he walks on water. He’s actually drowning us all in red ink. Tax increases hidden until after his re-election are now going into effect. Yet to come is tremendous inflation, which will rob everyone except his “chosen few.”

Why did it take hours for the Obama administration to answer whether it’s constitutional to kill U.S. citizens with drones inside our own borders? Republicans can answer that question in less than a second.

Obstructionists Pat Roberts and Jerry Moran have blocked out their usefulness in the U.S. Senate by voting “no” on every issue. Vote for women to represent Kansas and get things done.

I wish all the schools would continue to teach cursive writing. All the greeting cards, including birthday cards, are in this form of writing, and the kids aren’t able to read them.

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