Opinion Line (March 14)

03/14/2013 12:00 AM

03/13/2013 5:14 PM

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There is way too much pope coverage on TV.

How much more do I need to know about Father Emil Kapaun?

Since President Obama decided to award the Medal of Honor posthumously to Kansas Korean war hero Kapaun, something no other U.S. president thought to do, will many Kansas Republicans offer a word of thanks to the president? Probably not. Hard-core Republicans never credit a Democrat for doing anything right.

So Sen. Pat Roberts is not happy with the cutback on White House tours. He stated that the White House spends lots of money on Christmas decorations. I can just imagine the uproar of the religious right if Obama had canceled Christmas decorations. He can’t win with this group.

The White House has canceled tours, denying Americans their house, to save money. But plans are well under way for Michelle Obama’s 50th birthday bash. Couldn’t we cut a golf outing or a birthday party so Americans can see their house?

Quit complaining about Obama’s golfing. He squanders far less taxpayer money when he is playing golf than when he is playing president.

Why is the sequestration only affecting working folks? Why is it not affecting the people who are first in line whenever Obama is giving out something for nothing?

With the stock market rising, we can only hope that this time what goes up won’t come down.

Our government has left us up a creek without a paddle. But luckily it is so dry we are going to have to walk out anyway.

The Arkansas River has enthusiasts? Man, that must be an exciting hobby.

As a regular golfer at all five city courses, I have found that all of the personnel, including the golf professionals, are extremely friendly and courteous. Examine your own attitude and friendliness. Maybe the problem isn’t with the golf pros.

Schools need to remove stress on teens by having fewer kids in a classroom, so they can learn more efficiently, and having fewer school hours in a day.

I honestly don’t see why KU and K-State fans can’t root for each other when the teams aren’t playing each other. We’re all from Kansas.

Some of the lowest forms of animal life have to be those who spit in a public place. It makes a person wonder what the inside of their home is like.

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