Opinion Line Extra (March 13)

03/13/2013 12:00 AM

03/12/2013 6:34 PM

Spring break is right around the corner for high school and college students everywhere. Citizens, take this as your warning.

I’m already tired of hearing about the next pope. I predict that he will be another old white geezer who has no idea how the average person lives day to day – status quo at the Vatican.

The Vatican guard uniforms are very cool. I am thinking Halloween. I can bless the little ghosts and goblins.

If a new pope is elected on St. Patrick’s Day, might that fact be announced by green smoke?

We’ve often wondered why so-called experts closed the mental health hospitals. Almost every community has individuals who would be better off in an institution than they are now living on the streets. And the public would be safer.

If there are going to be knives on planes, they should stay in the checked baggage, not the carry-on.

I don’t know about taking a pocketknife on a flight, but I would like to take a fingernail or toenail clipper.

Just watch – Obama and his administration will make sure that the small sequestration budget cuts cause the most inconvenience possible to the American public. He hopes to ignite an outcry against any spending cuts, ever.

The president needs to withdraw our troops from Afghanistan as soon as possible. Let the Afghans decide how they want to live. If Obama or his successor lets them attack us again, the military should rain down the fires of hell on them. That should tell them to leave us alone.

I see that Michelle Obama may have a 50th birthday party with Beyonce singing. Wonder how much this one will wind up costing the taxpayers.

The Kansas Legislature and governor would commit political suicide by doing away with the home-mortgage deduction and other deductions, then deciding to take away the bargaining rights of teachers. These groups of people voted them into politics and can also vote them out of politics.

Gov. Sam Brownback refuses to disclose applicants for the open Sedgwick County District court position. Attention, Governor: Hypocrisy is not a virtue.

So you have to drive to two different locations for your groceries and liquor – boo-hoo. Selling liquor in grocery stores equals more drunks on the road. If cigarettes were only sold in liquor stores, imagine the drop in smokers. It would mean less secondhand smoke and fewer lives lost.

Anybody who thinks this country has 200 million law-abiding citizens has certainly not been driving very long.

We know we are in a drought. Why do the media feel we have to be reminded about it every other day?

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