Opinion Line Extra (March 12)

03/11/2013 6:31 PM

03/11/2013 6:31 PM

Did the Vatican get an exception from the Italian EPA for all that air pollution from the black and white smoke?

Thanks to the Opinion Line writer who was so kind as to use the word “paranoid” to define the condition of one who sees nonexistent problems. Now I wonder if this person has the word to describe the condition of one who cannot see or refuses to see existent problems.

Ironically, it’s those hysterical, paranoid folks who fear the government or black helicopters coming to take their guns who are exactly the people who shouldn’t have been allowed to obtain firearms in the first place.

I am sick of hearing about how every time President Obama plays golf or goes on a vacation it cost us money. The Bushes played golf and were on vacation much of the time. Double standard. Be real and stop these false stories you know are lies.

Why are the national media so enamored with Obama? He has no new ideas to change or improve our economy. All he has done is add to the national debt. He has tried to blame President Bush for his problems. He has no college or political background to make him worthy of his office.

This is happening in the bluest of the blue states, which is broke from throwing money at education: Of New York City high school graduates who go on to the City University of New York, 80 percent can’t read.

A New York state judge has halted the New York City mayor from banning sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces. How are New Yorkers going to make it without their nanny mayor directing their every decision? Earbuds are next on his agenda.

There should be a requirement of some type that local news on TV be local so the national news won’t be a rerun.

Since WSU rarely plays 40 minutes of solid basketball, why not accept an invitation to the NIT? There the Shockers can compete against other average teams and have a chance to win. Let’s face it – they will be squashed early in the NCAA Tournament.

Daylight saving time adds one hour of heat at the end of the day. Moving clocks ahead does not save energy, and more deaths are attributed to the change in time. Let’s stick to standard time year-round.

Yes, Opie’s rock landed in the pond. But no one was there so it didn’t make a splash.

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