Opinion Line Extra (March 11)

03/11/2013 12:00 AM

03/08/2013 7:35 PM

To the people who say President Obama is destroying our country: It was destroyed by FDR, according to the Republicans at the time. So how can Obama destroy a country that was destroyed 70 years ago?

The Dow just hit an all-time high. It sounds like we need some more of Obama’s so-called socialist policies, don’t you think?

Earthquakes in California, sinkholes in Florida, the oceans reclaiming the rest of the coasts, Mother Nature doing her best or worst on the rest of the country, and federal, state and local politicians working overtime to destroy what’s left.

The low ratings of many of our public schools are deplorable. Even if the kids are pushed through and allowed to graduate, they will be totally unprepared for the competitive world of work. They may be able to flip hamburgers, but their future may be food stamps and welfare.

Federal education spending pleases education bureaucrats and teachers unions but doesn’t raise kids’ test scores.

Having been born in the late 1940s, I have watched the dying of the American woman at early ages. Do I think the causes are poverty and what state you live in? No, more likely television watching, no working out and too much welfare.

I’m sick of right-wing pro-lifers comparing everything in society to having an abortion. It’s a safe and legal procedure.

If you know a business that supports biblical teachings in any area, support it. While “Buy American” is important, “Buy Bible Believer” is even more critical for the future of America. Don’t believe it? That’s OK, I do.

We’ve tried banning books, liquor, homosexuality, nudity and profanity in entertainment, and flag burning (to name a few). Clearly, all such efforts have failed. So why shouldn’t we add gun control to this sad, long list of misguided efforts? (This is not a trick question; the answer is obvious.)

Legalizing liquor in markets and convenience stores? Why not at McDonald’s, so I can get a Big Mac with my wine?

I am proud to be a K-State fan, and I only dislike KU fans who are arrogant, aggressive and trot around with the attitude that they own the state.

I used to love to read the Opinion Line for the variety of readers’ thoughts on current events. Now, it’s the same whiny comments day after day. At some point in your life, you just need to get over it. Let’s have some opinions that are not about Obama, Washington or guns.

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