Opinion Line Extra (March 10)

03/10/2013 12:00 AM

03/08/2013 7:13 PM

Nearly all mass shootings in recent memory have occurred in so-called gun-free school zones. “Laws forbidding the carrying of firearms in sensitive places such as schools and government buildings” only serve the psychopathic mass murderer by disarming honest citizens who otherwise could legally use lethal force to defend themselves and others.

The press needs to hold the government responsible for the services it cuts. Are officials cutting services that should be cut, or are they just acting like a 3-year-old throwing a temper tantrum? “If I can’t have my way, I’ll kick and scream to get my way.”

Word has it that the White House tours are suspended temporarily. The Secret Service says it’s costing too much overtime. I have an idea: Just suspend the president’s golfing outings, which cost the Secret Service a whole lot more than the tours.

If the Obamas would not take Air Force One to play golf and to be on late-night talk shows, then that money could have the White House open to tours for the American people. I thought they were all for education. Way to show it – don’t let the kids see our history.

Hugo Chavez, who died recently, was a patron saint of liberal politicians everywhere including Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama. They dream of controlling our country and its wealth like Chavez did in Venezuela.

U.S. Rep. Tim Huelskamp conducted his own poll and found that he had a 77 percent approval rating. Outside of his family, however, he only has a 25 percent favorable rating.

So, Rand Paul, if we have an American, on American soil, charged with a crime and convicted, then we can drone him?

Obama doesn’t need drones to kill American citizens. He’s got a much more powerful weapon to do the job, Obamacare.

A good war hero can become a bad school janitor by spending his day hitting the bottle while hidden away in the janitor’s closet. Neither does being a war hero make John McCain into a good senator. He needs to go.

The reader talking about migration from the high-tax blue states should be welcoming people from those states moving here. They will leave California, Illinois, New York, etc., and come here, then vote as they did in the blue states. We should set up fences to keep Californians out.

“Conservative utopia” is an oxymoron.

Those who complained that their postman missed one day during heavy snow have obviously never walked a mile in their shoes.

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