Opinion Line Extra (March 9)

03/09/2013 12:00 AM

03/08/2013 6:38 PM

Many drivers have little regard for traffic laws because they have no fear. They also think driving is a right, not a privilege. The fines are just too low.

Am I missing something? To those grousing about losing an hour of sleep this weekend, how about going to bed an hour earlier? Reset your clocks earlier in the evening. Duh.

Tomorrow’s headline should read, “Until further notice, the White House czars and their staff will be conducting White Hours tours.”

To all who continue to say that President Obama is doing such a poor job with the economy: Think about these facts from the February jobs report – 236,000 new jobs added, and the unemployment rate has dropped to 7.7 percent. Plus, the stock market is strong.

Americans have away been penny-wise and pound-foolish. Sure, increased domestic crude supplies will lower cost for a while. But when our reserves are depleted, the world will have us over a barrel. We should buy on the world market now and save our domestic reserves for a rainy day.

Can NBC do any story without tying it to global warming? It could tell you why a keg party for teenagers in Wichita was due to global warming. Give your propaganda a rest.

Don’t put on your happy face just yet. The sequester hasn’t fully kicked in.

At least Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger has the fortitude to state her position on Medicaid, but in doing so she has probably put a red target on her back for the governor and his backers.

My son is a high school English teacher in Kansas City. He gives his time, his heart and sometimes money to his poor students. Yet in some circles he’s considered a “terrorist” for wanting to negotiate a decent living. How very sad.

You can’t always see people’s disabilities. But when the handicapped spaces are occupied by young parents with school-age children who romp around in the store, it makes me wonder. If you’re parking in handicap spots when you aren’t really handicapped, it’s worse than lying and stealing.

I received my Eagle during the big snow and was disappointed I did not receive my mail. On the other hand, I’m not sure I would have been happy if my carrier had simply thrown my mail in the snow on my lawn in the manner my Eagle delivery person used.

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