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March 10, 2013

Opinion Line (March 10)

The U.S. economy has been commencing to begin to start to prepare to get ready to improve for four years now.

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The U.S. economy has been commencing to begin to start to prepare to get ready to improve for four years now.

Republicans and the tea party must be beside themselves as the stock market soars and their chances of blaming President Obama disappear.

Universal background checks are universal gun registrations. Once the government knows where all the guns are, it can confiscate them. Police took citizens’ guns after Katrina. Washington state and Missouri are drafting limited confiscation laws now.

If the EPA mandates cleaner air, we would be better able to see the black helicopters coming to take our guns.

Well, so far the Obama administration is trying to reduce or eliminate Americans’ freedoms guaranteed under the First, Second and Fifth amendments in the Bill of Rights. It’s time for everyone to push back in a big way.

The president stops the tours of the White House so he can have fewer people in the house we own. Yet he flies in the most expensive airplane in the world and requires several other planes to transport his car, Secret Service agents and a bunch of reporters.

I am worried about drone strikes in the U.S. Has everybody forgotten about Waco, Texas?

It’s about dang time someone asked and got clarification on what the Obama administration wants to do. Rand Paul is a true patriot. We all need to stand up. If we don’t, our freedom as we know it will be long gone.

Why isn’t Sen. Jerry Moran helping to get a farm bill or helping to reduce the budget cuts that will hurt Kansas agribusinesses? Instead, he spends time helping with a 13-hour filibuster. It’s embarrassing and a waste of my tax money.

Since some legislators believe we should allow people with concealed-carry permits to bring guns into state-owned buildings (because they “will protect us”), does this include the Capitol building, Cedar Crest, etc.? They are state-owned, and permit holders are all safe, right?

Our governor went to New York to tell of his great plan for Kansas. I wonder if he told the people he is recruiting about the impact his tax cuts will have on the quality of education and about his disregard for lower-income families.

I see Gov. Sam Brownback fancies himself a televangelist Moses leading a tribe of taxpayers out of economic deserts to Kansas, his claimed land of monetary milk and honey. His election pledge to grow the Kansas economy is proving a false prophet’s promise.

I bet the sharks look forward all year to the college kids showing up for the spring break buffet.

Does Opie’s rock ever hit the water?

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