Opinion Line (March 11)

03/11/2013 12:00 AM

03/08/2013 5:18 PM

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America’s military-supplier network could be described as a taxpayer-funded, high-paying jobs program. But when corporate suppliers outsource the work to foreign nations to enhance their bottom line, it becomes more like a corporate-welfare or foreign-aid program, and that should be against the law.

Sen. Carl Levin has become the sixth senator not to seek re-election. Six down, ninety-four to go.

We reward hypocrisy and elect men entirely destitute of real principle, and this will never change until the people become grand enough to do their own thinking.

We, the American people, including all politicians, need to learn two lessons: Money does not grow on trees, and this world does not owe anyone a living. Period.

Welfare fraud could be reduced, if not eliminated, if politicians had the will to act. Unfortunately, President Obama is beholden to just the type of people who are on welfare. Don’t hold your breath waiting for him to do anything helpful for the taxpayer.

Why are you liberals so afraid of us Christians?

Notice how the Republican proposals in our Legislature are all solutions to nonexistent problems. There’s a word for people who see nonexistent problems – paranoid.

How many millionaire oil and gas executives predicted the rapid expansion of U.S. oil and gas production 10 years ago? Zip. And we had an oilman for president.

Why would you go sit for hours to buy your car tags when you can mail in the payment or pay for them online? If you sit for hours, you have no one to blame but yourselves.

You can put up all the new stop signs you want, but the people who ignore the current ones are going to ignore the new ones. Same with new gun-control laws.

Why don’t cops write tickets for those whose tires stick out past their fender wells, or who have no fenders or mud flaps? Why is it legal for them to throw rocks up? Insurance companies should pursue this.

It costs gasoline to drive to a different location after grocery shopping to buy alcohol. One-stop shopping would save time and money. It’s done in plenty of states.

It’s too bad with the price of gasoline that we are forced to burn a large percentage of it waiting two to four minutes for traffic lights to change. It seems like someone must own a lot of oil stock.

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