Opinion Line (March 8)

03/08/2013 12:00 AM

03/07/2013 6:40 PM

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If Kansas were a girl, I’d date her.

Blues crawls, bluegrass, orchestra, country, jazz, culture festivals, an Indian center, a little hip-hop, art galleries, endless restaurants and educational opportunities galore. People of Wichita: Leave your blues at home and go do something.

So Wichita is finally thinking about restricting water usage? Duh. That’s like deciding to feed your horse after it’s already dead. I said we ought to be doing that two years ago, and I’m just a dumb kid.

Most tea party conservatives must be miffed at seeing an improving economy without a Republican president in the White House.

How is it that high gas prices five years ago were Bush’s fault, but higher ones now are not Obama’s?

I think we are missing the big picture about the kid with the pastry pistol. Just who authorized a school in this country to let our children eat a Pop-Tart-style pastry? What’s next? Cookies and milk?

Does anyone else feel like we are reverting back to the Old West with all this concealed-carry legislation? What’s next? A duel at noon?

Finally, a state representative, Ken Corbet, has some common sense (March 7 Local & State). He stated, “All the laws we pass here are only followed by law-abiding citizens. It seems like all the people who are doing all this damage are going after soft targets.” Now, can the feds wake up?

Many Kansas taxpayers won’t be able to itemize any deductions if mortgage-interest and real-estate tax deductibility is taken away. This means a potential increase of thousands of dollars in taxable income.

I know that many Kansans don’t buy into science and arithmetic, but I see folks in 28-degree weather in T-shirt and shorts, not believing a thermometer. Then there are the gravity nonbelievers, with their pants around their butt.

A lot of people get all bent out of shape over dog poop left on public grounds or someone else’s front yard. And the polite thing to do is pick it up. So why don’t people get as upset about the litter left by their kids, and see that it is cleaned up?

I’ve never claimed to be the brightest bulb in the package, but I always leave my fireplace ashes in their metal bucket for about three days before dumping them into my trash barrel.

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