Opinion Line (March 7)

03/07/2013 12:00 AM

03/06/2013 5:25 PM

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Gov. Sam Brownback’s tax plan will be like President Bush’s excuse about weapons of mass destruction. When it becomes a disaster, Brownback will blame it on the bad information he received.

After the governor turns our state into a conservative utopia, I expect there will be hundreds of thousands of Republicans moving here to enjoy it. Let the boom times roll.

It is a shame that Kris Kobach is not as multitalented as he is multitasking. Besides solving other states’ immigration problems, he has a political action committee, stirring the election waters he is paid to calm. And he wants to prosecute illegal voting crimes, which are largely of his imagination.

I tried for two days in a row to get my new car tag. The first time I came too late in the day. Then during my lunch hour, I waited 50 minutes and saw three people helped. Is there a line for people who work and speak English?

Hugo Chavez was what President Obama wants to become.

Our Congress has to be made accountable by suffering the results of its inaction. After a stated period of time, matters or policies that cannot be resolved by Congress should go to a public vote. Then the lawmakers should have a pay cut to help pay for the public elections.

New defense budget cuts should start with weapon systems, ships and aircraft the Pentagon has told Congress it doesn’t need but that Congress funds anyway simply to save jobs in members’ districts.

One reader was upset that sequestration will necessitate a 22-day furlough. Many private employees have gone through much worse. Suck it up and welcome to our world.

The federal government should deal with the 2 percent budget reduction by cutting the EPA budget. The EPA is the most useless part of the federal government.

What happens when the Keystone XL pipeline leaks into the underground water used by Kansas and Nebraska? A financial settlement would not replace the water, and without water this will indeed become the Great American Desert.

Minimum wage should be zero dollars per hour. Then employers could cull the bums and hire the best.

So the Republicans are against activist jurists. Activism by judges is in the eye of the beholder. Antonin Scalia would definitely fit the profile of an activist jurist for conservatism.

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