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March 6, 2013

Opinion Line (March 6)

Poor, old Mitt Romney has the money and wanted all the power, and could not get it.

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Poor, old Mitt Romney has the money and wanted all the power, and could not get it.

The president makes it sound like he’s only interested in the wallets of the top 1 percent when his eye is really on everyone’s wallet.

Congress should treat the president like an adolescent and take away his keys to Air Force One. Obama has grossly abused the airplane privilege given him by taxpayers. The campaign is over.

The USA has the best military money can buy. But we don’t need one so overwhelming, nor can we afford it. What good is a military if its economic burden destroys the country? Our current enemies learned much from our Cold War with Russia.

As state legislators begin the debate on Senate Bill 332, which will greatly expand liquor-sales outlets, they should keep in mind that in terms of harm done to society there is no more dangerous drug than alcohol.

I like the idea of welfare recipients being tested for drugs before receiving taxpayer funds. There are some allowances for folks who supposedly lose their Vision cards. Fraud? Maybe not. But anyone who loses his card should be called in for a drug test, not just issued another card.

I’ve worked for 50-plus years with no government assistance. I was in the grocery store Sunday and the non-English speaker duo ahead of me purchase $150 in goods and used a Vision card. There is something wrong with this picture.

Why has a bill been introduced in the Kansas House to increase what a lobbyist can spend on legislators and their spouses? They want to increase the limit from $100 to $500. Will these people stop at nothing?

I don’t see how Republicans who call themselves Christian and read the Bible can live with themselves. One can’t be just against abortion and claim to be Christian. The Bible talks about caring for the poor and warns the wealthy about their greed and about not sharing.

Can anyone tell me how the 2012 real estate tax statement and solid waste fee go together? Take a good look at your tax statement and you will find a $5.70 fee. Really.

Saying that more gun laws are unnecessary until we enforce the current ones is like saying it is time to stop putting up stop signs until the people who ignore the current ones are ticketed.

K-State fans who spend as much time hating KU as they do cheering for their team are pathetic. Come on – be a fan of your own team. Leave everyone else alone.

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