Opinion Line Extra (March 5)

03/05/2013 12:00 AM

03/04/2013 5:32 PM

Remember how there wasn’t substantial opposition to Obamacare by doctors and health insurance companies? We should have known that meant health costs would increase substantially, as they have.

The only logical place to start with the sequester spending cuts is with the overpaid scoundrels in Washington, D.C., who caused the problem in the first place. Why are they the only ones never mentioned as being affected by the cuts?

Our lawmakers (both U.S. and state) should wear patches on their suits like NASCAR drivers so that we know who their corporate sponsors are.

Obama prances around the country like Peter Pan whining that the sky is going to fall due to sequestration, yet we can send $250 million to Egypt and $60 million to Syrian rebels. Either the spending should be done in this country or things aren’t as bad as this administration claims.

I wish I had a dollar for every driver who ignores the two stop signs by my house or races through the nearby unmarked intersections. I would be rich beyond my wildest dreams and one of Obama’s hated 1 percent.

Despite billions of federal, state and local tax dollars being spend on public schools, SAT scores have declined for years and our students are falling further behind their global counterparts. Throwing funds to the education establishment has proved to be a very poor model for much-needed improvement.

I just wonder if the people in Florida had sinkhole insurance.

One reader stated that “belief in the Bible doesn’t kill.” Perhaps we forget about the Spanish Inquisition and the Crusades, not to mention how it was used to justify racial segregation and ban interracial marriages, among other “justifiable” discriminatory actions and laws that led to injury and death.

Two March 2 letters to the editor were absolutely correct: “Stand up for nation,” in which the author stated homosexuality is an absolute abomination to God, and “Pray for pardon.” We must seek God earnestly if we want to see Him bless America again.

What does it take for some drivers to turn on their lights in a blizzard? Even after I flash my high beams, they don’t get it.

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