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March 4, 2013

Opinion Line Extra (March 4)

We have no “leader-servants” in Washington anymore, only self-serving politicians, irrespective of party affiliation or non-affiliation.

We have no “leader-servants” in Washington anymore, only self-serving politicians, irrespective of party affiliation or non-affiliation.

Why do we need the new “Violence Against Women Act”? A similar law expired more than a year ago without repercussions. State and local laws already prohibit violence against anybody.

The headline read, “U.S. oil is booming, led by N. Dakota and Texas” (March 1 Eagle), but what was blatantly absent from the story was that it was happening in spite of the Obama administration policies, not because of them.

With stringent regulations, high taxes and an array of unnecessary government regulations in the way of entrepreneurs, we destroy incentives and we destroy job creators. Sadly, those hurt worst by President Obama’s big government programs are those attempting to climb the economic ladder.

Any sane person knows there should be a cap on any increase in federal spending, a hiring freeze with reduction by attrition and an across-the-board cut of 3 percent for non-entitlements. Finally, all departments should be given three months to list and eliminate a set amount of waste and fraud.

To “sequester” 2.4 percent of my spending wouldn’t be that tough. At the grocery store I would stick with staples like milk, bread, meat, vegetables and fruit. The difficulty Democrats in Washington, D.C., have is that they refuse to give up the Pop-Tarts, doughnuts and candy.

In 2012 it appeared the Republicans’ primary mission was defeating our president. In 2013 it appears it is to appease their million-dollar contributors regardless of the damage they do to our economy.

I have lived through a lot of presidents, and I have never seen a president divide the country as much as Obama. We need a president to unite the United States again.

The reader who would rescue cars stuck in the snow but would push those with Obama stickers further into the drifts provided a perfect metaphor on the stupidity of the political right. Apparently, no views are valid other than the reader’s and people who disagree should be punished.

Why weren’t the Wichita mayor and the director of public works on TV and radio telling us what the city was doing during the recent snows? Instead, the deputy director of public works was the only one on the air.

Many thanks to The Eagle carrier on our delivery route. During the recent storm, he went out of his way several times, getting out of his truck to hand-carry the paper to our house. It’s nice to know there are people like him who realize how meaningful little acts of kindness to others can be.

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