Opinion Line Extra (March 2)

03/01/2013 7:36 PM

03/01/2013 7:36 PM

Mother Nature is well aware of global warming. It is part of overall climate change, which results in higher average annual temperatures, more heat waves, more major storms such as Sandy and more major snowstorms, such as the two that affected Wichita.

Thank the good Lord for man-made global warming. Imagine how much more snow would have fallen without it.

Having an election in the middle of winter is just plain stupid.

Hey, Wichita, I am all for conserving water, but start at home first. You don’t need green grass to see a white ball, or do you? Watering a golf course is a huge waste of water.

The Kansas Press Association’s Doug Anstaett asked readers to protest yet more legislation that consolidates power in state government (Feb. 26 Opinion). Given the volume of bills, where does one start in protecting individual rights in this state when it’s all happening so fast and furiously?

So Revenue Secretary Nick Jordan says Gov. Sam Brownback is compassionate and stops to give money to homeless people. Well, he’ll have to make a lot more stops if he doesn’t expand Medicaid in Kansas.

A smaller, less-intrusive and less-costly Washington with a fairer tax code and a freer economy would help create jobs and help everyone, especially the next generations. By contrast, our president is deeply mired in the mistaken belief that government must take care of our hapless citizens.

It’s laughable that Obama could be could be considered anything but one of our greatest presidents, whose policies have invigorated America. Thursday’s near-record Dow Jones number proved it.

What’s right with our country? One word: Obama. What’s wrong with it? Two words: House Republicans.

The sequestration will be uncomfortable, but that’s what happens when the government overspends and is $16 trillion in debt. In Washington, a “cut” just means they can’t spend more than they did last year.

Let’s ground Air Force One and cut out all the military officer aides who were behind Michelle Obama on the Oscars ceremony.

The president said he was a Christian, then supports gay marriage. Liar.

Sen. Pat Roberts’ solution for dealing with $85 billion in budget cuts is to eliminate “waste, fraud and abuse”? This popular remedy sounds so simple as long as the politician isn’t responsible for identifying items of waste, fraud and abuse that add up to billions of dollars.

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