Opinion Line (March 4)

03/04/2013 12:00 AM

03/01/2013 5:26 PM

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So if state legislators want to pay teachers according to their effectiveness based on students’ test scores, we should pay our legislators according to their effectiveness on job creation and economic growth.

I belonged to a union for about 28 years and was never asked for permission to use part of my dues to support Democratic Party causes.

If the drug-testing bill isn’t punitive, who is going to pay for the treatment and job training for those who test positive? People needing public assistance can’t afford those things. Middle-class people can’t even afford them.

The Legislature needs to watch reruns of “The Andy Griffith Show.” Sheriff Andy Taylor never had a need for a gun, and Barney Fife carried his one bullet in his shirt pocket. A Bible is better than a gun. Guns, made by man, kill. Belief in the Bible doesn’t kill.

Red-light cameras would not solve anything. The military gives us an example. No matter how great and advanced your technology is, sooner or later the only solution is boots on the ground. The answer is for the Wichita Police Department to make traffic enforcement a priority.

The Sedgwick County manager’s car was vandalized while at a downtown meeting. Welcome to our world. It will only get worse, I am sure.

On the same day the president’s Cabinet members were doing their Chicken Little speeches on the dire effects of budget cuts, Secretary of State John Kerry pledged $60 million to the Syrian rebels. How come there is money for Syrians but not Americans?

Friday’s front-page headline said, “Congress fails….” – a classic understatement if there ever was one.

Rep. Mike Pompeo called the sequester a “home run.” Actually, it is a strikeout with runners in scoring position, as it is going to stall, if not end, the slow recovery from the recession.

I am doing my part to help the birds by filling my feeder with 50 pounds of seed. I added corncobs for the squirrels as well. The birdbath is full of water, temperature allowing. I am seeing birds in the backyard I haven’t seen for years.

I would like to thank the retired U.S. Army gentleman and his wife at Town and Country restaurant who complimented my family on our two well-behaved children and, without a word to us, paid for our bill. Such generosity is not found frequently.

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