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03/03/2013 12:00 AM

03/01/2013 5:24 PM

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The city of Wichita uses any excuse it can to raise rates. In a drought, it raises rates to help conserve water. Then it raises rates because people didn’t use enough. Poor business management gets passed on to citizens. Either way, the consumer gets hosed.

If we use too much water, we pay more. If we conserve too much water, we pay more. But the golf courses get to stay green while my lawn burns up. For goodness’ sake, use that big reserve fund to start laying a pipeline from El Dorado.

Raise rates for really large water users only, restrict home-vehicle washing to lawn areas, and limit lawn watering to every other day by odd-even address. These measures have worked well elsewhere.

Good to hear that the city is water-conscious. Now, how about the city using common sense when a real-estate developer asks for our tax dollars to fund a golf course, or when the next developer proposes a new development with huge lawns to be watered?

Sam Brownback is a career politician who hates government. This is analogous to the termites that destroy the structural integrity of a building. When Brownback is done, nothing functional will be left. It won’t hurt the rich, but the middle class and poor will bear the burden.

Brownback made clear from the beginning that he would starve essential services, education and the arts so “job creators” wouldn’t have to pay income tax. Now some of the folks who voted for him are having buyers’ remorse? They should have been paying attention.

The low approval rating for Brownback does not ring true. I am wondering just who was polled. Liberals will always rail and whine over any spending cuts. Regardless of what The Eagle’s editorial board says, it’s about time someone in this state started exercising some fiscal responsibility.

Rep. Mike Pompeo blasts Obama every chance he gets. Kansas Sens. Pat Roberts and Jerry Moran voted against Chuck Hagel’s confirmation while Florida Sen. Bill Nelson voted for him. Beechcraft lost the Air Force job to Florida, and it doesn’t look good for McConnell Air Force Base to get the new tankers.

It should come as no surprise that Beechcraft lost the Air Force contract. Past and present management ran a once-great company into the ground. Quantity became more important than quality. You reap what you sow.

It looks like Wichita will lose out again with the loss of the Beechcraft trainer contract. If you’re not a believer that this current administration is the ruination of this country, you need to open your eyes. We need impeachment.

Mister, we could use some more men like Archie Bunker again.

The situation is popeless.

I hope the next pope chooses the name Bob. I would trust a Pope Bob.

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