Opinion Line (March 1)

03/01/2013 12:00 AM

02/28/2013 5:26 PM

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If our president had guts, he would tell China that our trade with the country would stop as long as its attempts to hack into our computer networks continue.

Why should Obama’s paycheck be exempt from the sequester? He’s a multimillionaire and doesn’t need it right now.

The most grave threat faced by the Obama administration is reality.

Over and over, our two U.S. senators vote “no” on bills. I doubt they even read them. They just vote “no” because they are getting elected by the majority of conservatives in this backward state.

I hate taxes, with the exception of user taxes. I propose a new law: “In the event of an emergency snow situation, sales tax will be raised 1 percent until sufficient funds have been raised to clear city streets. Immediately thereafter, said taxation will cease.”

We anticipate the worst and get the better with respect to weather. Can the forecasters run Washington?

I wish The Wichita Eagle would deliver the newspaper to Mother Nature. Apparently she hasn’t seen the news about man-made global warming.

An amoeba has more intelligence by far than a so-called human being who drives a vehicle in a snowstorm and does not turn on the headlights, or clean the snow and ice from the lights and all of the windows, or clean the accumulated snow from the top.

When a new CEO is hired at Spirit AeroSystems, The Eagle should say how much this person will earn in salary and perks. During every union negotiation, we are given information about the workers’ salary packages. Why not the same treatment for the corporate side of the business?

Whatever psychotic madwoman invented Pinterest deserves to be tied up by clowns and waterboarded.

Complete unknowns were remembered at the Oscars while actors such as Ann Rutherford (“Gone With the Wind”), Andy Griffith, Larry Hagman and Harry Carey Jr. (John Ford films) were not even mentioned. Utterly amazing.

I watched Adele at the Academy Awards show. The woman is amazing. She could sing “Mary Had a Little Lamb” and still beat the competition. Notice how she does not need weird costumes, dancers and pyrotechnics to enhance her performance.

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