Opinion Line Extra (Feb. 27)

02/27/2013 12:00 AM

02/25/2013 1:55 PM

Reading the Opinion Line makes me realize why we elected President Obama in the first place, and then re-elected him. We are dumb and don’t recognize it, even after four years. Since ignorance is bliss, here’s to our own destruction.

Will someone explain why people complain about the president taking three days off, but it’s OK that Congress takes two weeks off for Presidents Day? They also haven’t complained about all the time off Congress took last year rather than find solutions.

Instead of panicking Americans with sob stories of no military, no fire or police protection, and great cuts to Social Security and Medicare, all Obama needs to do is call the foreign countries we send money and tell them they are on their own – the USA is out of money. Problem solved.

There is no problem facing America today that liberals do not believe should be solved by more government and less freedom.

Instead of just eliminating federal funding for schools, as one reader suggested, let’s eliminate all funding for schools. That way, all Kansans will grow up to be obedient Republicans.

Why doesn’t Gov. Sam Brownback take responsibility for the fabricated numbers he’s been so proud of?

While I’ve never felt there was much truth to anything Brownback said, I had no way of debunking it. But credit Wichita Eagle reporters for revealing to us the truth of his ongoing misrepresentations regarding economic “successes” in his stultifying reign. This is what “the media” are supposed to do.

Why should Jean Schodorf run for governor when she couldn’t get re-elected as state senator? She would be almost as bad as Kathleen Sebelius.

I lived in California for three years in the ‘80s. They sell liquor at the grocery stores and at the liquor store. I did not see one liquor store closed because the grocery stores also sold alcohol. It looks like the state of Kansas is still 25 years behind the times.

I’ve solved the problem of having to shovel snow off my driveway. I had my driveway removed.

I’ll shovel my sidewalk as soon as the city plows my street.

After a big weather event, the local television stations run nonstop commercials telling us how good their weather coverage was.

It’s below freezing, there are 14 inches of snow on the ground, and that must disprove global warming. Well, it does if you ignore the “global” part.

With all the stabbings in the metropolitan area, it might be time to register knives and meat cleavers.

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