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February 27, 2013

Opinion Line (Feb. 27)

If the sequester goes through, it could be the beginning of the end for the tea party.

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If the sequester goes through, it could be the beginning of the end for the tea party.

All of Washington is running around telling us the sky is going fall with the $85 billion in cuts. With the cuts they are still going to spend more money this year than last year. They are addicted to spending our money.

Why did Michelle Obama announce the winner of best picture at the Academy Awards? You can tell how liberal and political the Academy Awards are, can’t you? Just once, can’t the Obamas stay out of the picture?

It seems the Republicans have wrested all the political gain they can from the Benghazi incident. If they pursue it much longer, it will equal the Sept. 11 investigation.

To quote a former U.S. president: “Tolerance today, tyranny tomorrow.” With the loss of our liberty, our freedom and our moral compass, will America survive as a free and moral nation?

When people are hungry, homeless and unemployed, they will follow anyone who promised them everything for free, often to their detriment and that of our country. That is the situation our government is in, burying us in staggering debt.

In America, superrich libertarians constantly complain about government regulations. They want to abolish the Environmental Protection Agency to increase their profits and pile up wealth. In China, millions of people are forced to wear masks and stay indoors because it is very difficult to breathe in the unregulated smog.

Guns are good in the hands of police officers, military personnel, etc., who protect those in need of protection, but also in the hands of good citizens protecting themselves and others in danger. Armed with their Second Amendment rights, they can become humble heroes in unexpected moments.

Former congressman Todd Tiahrt has been quiet on guns lately. Some of the legislation he so proudly introduced and defended has come back to haunt him in the proliferation of mass killings. Could he have a touch of regret?

Most people are unhappy because they lack basic health, positive social relationships and meaningful purpose.

You know you have way too much stuff and junk when you have a four-car garage and your cars sit in the driveway.

Neither your car, your trash cart, your trailer, your kids nor your junk belongs in the street, especially when it snows.

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