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February 26, 2013

Opinion Line Extra (Feb. 26)

There should be a medical study done to show why the deeper the snow gets, the dumber drivers become.

There should be a medical study done to show why the deeper the snow gets, the dumber drivers become.

Lesson learned: Never run out of doggie treats during a blinding snowstorm. Dogs will get between you and the TV and stare at you.

Why can’t it snow in the summertime when we could really use the cooldown? We really don’t need it in the wintertime, because it’s already cold.

There is nothing worse than a self-righteous apostolic. You know who you are.

In my next life, I hope I come back as the CEO of Raytheon – I mean Hawker Beechcraft – I mean Beechcraft. Or what were the other names?

More than 30 spectators injured at Daytona. When are we going to have NASCAR-car control? This carnage cannot continue.

When all is said and done, our country will be lying on its back and President Obama and his friends will be fat and happy.

The Western world looks to the U.S. and a handful of its allies to sacrifice the lives and treasure of their citizens to police the world’s bad guys. If our drone policy reduces the “lives” portion in the equation, then who in the world has the right to question it?

We should banish all references that include the words “Democratic Party” and “socialism,” since those who use these terms in the same sentence obviously have no clue what either means.

When all the costs are added up, each American soldier in Iran and Iraq cost us $1 million per year. That could go a long way to fixing 68,000 bridges that are not up to code.

Jean Schodorf running for Kansas governor would be a complete waste of everyone’s time and money. She can’t even commit to a single political party.

I sure hope that Schodorf runs for governor. I can’t think of a better candidate to help the Republican Party.

Why do liberals insist on damaging our economy with carbon taxes? China and India together emit more carbon than we do, and they promise to emit more. Can we stop global warming above the U.S.?

Elizabeth Warren for president.

One way to solve the tax situation would be to set the tax rate at a flat tax of 20 percent. This would mean everyone would pay a fair share without actually hurting anyone, and it would eliminate all the hassle of who has to pay what.

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