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02/26/2013 12:00 AM

02/25/2013 12:31 PM

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When the president of the United States of America describes the Constitution as a document of “negative liberties” and tramples all over it, we have a big problem. Obviously, he takes exception with the strict limitations it places on the responsibilities, and therefore the powers, of the federal government.

Let’s get the country back to work, then take care of the deficit.

I have not heard one word on cuts to foreign aid. Not one penny should leave this country until the people who have paid and are paying taxes are taken care first. Obama voters: I hope you like the change.

After observing this year’s strange goings-on in Topeka, I believe the Legislature should meet every other year, if at all. Heaven help us if the rest of this year’s session is like it has been so far.

We are fortunate to have the Kansas Mission of Mercy in Wichita this week. Hundreds of dentists, hygienists, assistants and many others will donate their time to help with tooth problems for free. Great job, dental community, and thank you.

Thank you to all the dialysis nurses and techs in the greater Wichita area who somehow made it into work Thursday. They are committed souls, and without them some of us would be in trouble.

I was glad to help pull out several people who were stuck in the snow. If their car had an Obama bumper sticker on it, I’d push them in a little deeper.

It was ridiculous for the city of Wichita government offices to remain open Thursday while officials were on TV telling people not to leave home unless it was a dire emergency. City Manager Robert Layton needs to show more concern for employees and citizens.

Should one even dare to applaud the Police Department, the Sheriff’s Office, the firefighters and EMTs, the dispatchers, the city and county road crews? These are all part of our president’s socialism, and all probably want union representation. Oh, the humanity.

It’s interesting that Wichita Eagle headlines weren’t about crime stories so much during and just after last week’s snowstorm. Jack Frost and Frosty the Snowman are the best cops in the world.

I saw a miracle. A man had to hitch up his hip-hugging pants to walk in the 10-inch snow.

Wichita needs to have an igloo-building contest.

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