Opinion Line Extra (Feb. 25)

02/25/2013 12:00 AM

02/22/2013 8:37 PM

I shoveled 12 inches of global warming off my drive.

In a previous life, the Feb. 21 letter writer who said global warming is a hoax said, “It’s just a little rain, Noah.”

Don’t worry about America’s debt. The human race won’t be here too much longer. The sun will take care of that.

Because of the snow, classes were canceled for two days. But the sporting events could continue. Go figure.

It’s amazing. My poor paper person delivered my newspaper Thursday, in the heavy snow. But the post office, with its creed to deliver absolutely, did not deliver residential in my area. I even made a point to clear snow from around the street-side mailbox. I understand, but just wonder.

So let me get this straight: Everyone who has a conceal and carry license is a policeman now and can protect innocent people?

In response to a question on high gas prices, President Obama said we just need to limit our reliance on oil. He doesn’t understand or care that is what is causing the higher gas prices now. He understands economics about as well as he does the Constitution.

Republicans are willing to let the sequester occur with the draconian cuts to social programs and the military just to protect the rich from losing their tax loopholes. We can see where their loyalties lie.

Would you go to the VA for your private health care? I hope everyone is saying “yes,” because that is what your new health care system is going to be like.

News flash: Thanks to modern communications technology, the president of the United States can work on problems no matter where he happens to be. He does not have to be sitting at his desk in Oval Office.

The liberals believe the Constitution is old, outdated and flawed. It is old, it is not outdated, and the only flaws are in those who are trying to reinterpret it to fit their agenda.

Lighten up on Carnival Cruise Lines, please. I took my family on a Carnival cruise and it was first class from start to finish. Of course, our engine did not catch on fire.

So it is a great idea to pass legislation to require the state schools to play basketball against each other, but it is a bad idea to legalize marijuana and quit wasting money on courts and jails and raise millions in tax revenue for the state?

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