Opinion Line Extra (Feb. 23)

02/23/2013 12:00 AM

02/22/2013 7:59 PM

With regard to selling liquor in grocery stores: It should be kept in mind that alcohol is, in terms of damage to society, the most harmful drug of all, legal or illegal. So is it in our best interest to make it more readily available?

Sequestration – a lot of hot air and a very complicated process. It will not equally affect all programs and perhaps only hold the debt even, not reduce it.

If you believe that President Obama created the sequestration, please remove your face from Fox News. You apparently blindly believe the drivel it produces. You need to find out who really created it and passed it through Congress with more than 200 Republican votes.

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said cuts in budgets will cause flight delays. Give me a break. Their addiction to spending our money is almost as bad as the lapdog national press allowing them to get away with their overblown stories of doom.

If an intruder is dumb enough to approach Vice President Joe Biden’s home and his wife shoots off the double-barrel shotgun, as the vice president has suggested, how many Secret Service agents with 30-round magazines in their M16s will arrive as backup?

We have the most generous immigration policy in the world. We allow more than 2 million foreigners to come here each year, more than all other nations combined. With millions of Americans unemployed and underemployed, this policy defies common sense.

Not all churches close due to the snow. I know for a fact that Catholic Churches were open with Mass as scheduled, even if the priest had to celebrate Mass alone. They are open every day to whoever wants to come.

Nothing like spending an hour busting my back to clear my approach of snow, only to have some city snowplow driver cover it with more snow than was there to start with.

Why are so many four-wheel drive operators so aggressive and such horrid tailgaters in slippery weather? Do they really think they are impressing anyone?

If I can get around in my little car in the snow, why can’t the post office deliver mail?

I’d be happy to pay someone to shovel the snow, but nobody comes around.

A couple more Walmarts in Wichita and soon we will be ranked as the U.S. city with the most sweatpants and sweatshirts per capita.

If I started my chain saw at 6 a.m., you would complain. But you think it’s OK to let your dog bark continuously at the same time and you do nothing.

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