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02/24/2013 12:00 AM

02/22/2013 7:04 PM

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President Obama identifies the cause of our country’s economic woes as those villainous producers and purchasers of airplanes. How much will eliminating tax breaks on private planes save us, and when can we expect that those savings will balance our budget or reduce our debt?

When cutbacks are needed in government payrolls, they always say they can’t do without anyone. How about starting with those nonessential employees who stay home during snowstorms?

The Constitution entrusted the House with power to initiate laws on taxing and spending. Our representatives have tried to blame the president for the deficits that their legislation created. Now they insist it is his job to decide what to cut. Why are we even paying these people?

Secretary of State John Kerry is urging Congress to solve the budget impasse to save the economy. Who is he to criticize Congress? He was on the super committee that failed to act and put us in this mess.

Jesse Jackson Jr. – the apple truly does not fall far from the tree.

Those who suggest there is no global warming should visit Bejing and tell us whether the filthy haze they call air is science fiction or real. No reasonable person can possibly believe that 7.1 billion people and their carbon energy lifestyle is not affecting the climate.

After having risen from the ashes of bankruptcy, Beechcraft Corp. is now newly dedicated to building aircraft designed in the modern 1940s.

After moving work to Mexico and laying off most of its remaining workforce, Hawker Beechcraft declared bankruptcy and paid executive bonuses while reneging on pensions that a government bailout fund will have to pay. Why is The Eagle editorial board writing editorials praising such a disastrously mismanaged business role model?

A lot of single parents have to fight legally to keep their children away from other parents who are impaired. Why would you take your children around boyfriends or girlfriends who are regularly impaired by drugs or alcohol, or who are abusive? Your children are more important than your love life.

Why do females in little cars hug my rear bumper? Are they in love with me? Is their car in love with my car? Are they afraid they will get lost? Are they trying to save gas by getting in my draft? Do they dream of being another Danica Patrick?

Instead of so many drunken-driver or seat-belt checkpoints, why don’t police start ticketing the 9 of 10 drivers who don’t know how to get on and off the highway without endangering everyone around them?

I’ve accepted the inordinate number of handicapped spaces, but I resent the number of cart corrals getting better parking than customers. (Dillons at Central and Rock, I’m talking to you.)

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