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02/23/2013 12:00 AM

02/22/2013 6:31 PM

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Let’s take conservatives’ favorite argument to its logical conclusion and eliminate all laws, because criminals don’t follow laws.

Kansas should opt out of federal funding for schools and the inane rules that accompany it.

It doesn’t matter who estimates the Kansas Medicaid expansion costs. Such estimates are always lowballed to show that a program is affordable. Then once a program begins, who can stop it?

The Brownback administration brings to mind the old saying that “figures don’t lie but liars figure.”

On Nov. 4, 2014, vote for Jean Schodorf for governor. I would ask her to please, please run for governor.

To the Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce and all who voted for Michael O’Donnell: Jean Schodorf is looking pretty good now, don’t you think?

I disagree with Schodorf (Feb. 21 Letters to the Editor). The problem is that the governor’s staff probably was taught math in our public schools. In helping my grandson, I have found that math is not taught correctly in Wichita public schools. It is no surprise that this generation can’t deal with the simplest problems.

If we are forced to go into the sequester and people lose their jobs, including teachers, we will be going down the same road to austerity that Europe and Spain have gone down. If this happens, you can thank a Republican.

If our congressional delegation to Washington goes into the sequester, then members’ pay should be withheld until they return to work.

Being president of the United States is a thankless job. Unless you are a Democratic president, which makes the “thank yous” flow like chocolate in the chocolate fountain at Golden Corral.

What could be effective in significantly decreasing the number of abortions? Stop having sex if you don’t want children.

In the American corporate culture, after successive losses the leadership can expect to be replaced. Not so at Hawker Beechcraft. Those who drove the company to bankruptcy, lined their pockets with generous bonuses, and abandoned their employees, customers and retirees are being retained to lead the new Beechcraft Corp.

What is worse than a sick relative in the hospital? A burned-out nurse with an attitude who has no compassion for the sick. If you are this person, find another line of work.

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