Opinion Line Extra (Feb. 22)

02/22/2013 12:00 AM

02/21/2013 5:03 PM

Why is Kansas so proud of all its legislators? Voting according to Americans for Prosperity standards is not smart. It has nothing to do with reducing the size of government. Obama was re-elected and is a two-term president. Quit being an obstructionist, and giving the state such a vile reputation.

How come none of President Obama’s polling services ever calls me for my opinion?

If I were a betting man, and I am not, I wouldn’t bet one dime on what Congress or President Obama will do for me or my family. Long ago I thought they were taking care of my best interest. I think not now.

We run a huge trade deficit with China. The Chinese pay their employees peanuts, benefits are minimal, and workplace and environmental standards are unknown, resulting in extremely low production costs. Millions of Americans are out of work because Obama refuses to demand a level playing field.

Obama wants swift passage of his immigration law, and we’ll read it after it passes if anybody thinks they have to. You people voted for this, so eat it up. This is the most unconstitutional president in history. Where’s impeachment?

The letter writer who said global warming is a hoax (Feb. 21 Letters to the Editor) is entitled to his opinion, but not the facts. He conceded his own case when he said a majority of scientists believe increased carbon-dioxide levels in the atmosphere are caused by human activities.

Why do paranoid right-wingers just know that scientists have created a hoax about global warming? Would someone who “knows” about this diabolical hoax please explain why the vast majority of scientists would do such a thing? Please include an extensive bibliography in your explanation.

Oh, boy, it’s snowing. Looks like yet another day off for teachers. And we are paying their pensions.

To know your schoolchild’s schedule, pick up a USD 259 Parent-Teacher Calendar at the school’s office. Then mark your calendar to know when school is not in session.

Thanks, Via Christi Clinic, for announcing you’re going to be closed 45 minutes before business hours. I wish someone there was watching the weather as well as the bottom line. I think I may go somewhere else for my health care. Sorry.

Reality TV, Grammy winners, Oscar winners, all award show outcomes, the pope resigning, sports doping – all things I have the luxury of not caring about. The DVR allows for fast-forwarding through all the nonsense.

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