Opinion Line Extra (Feb. 21)

02/21/2013 12:00 AM

02/20/2013 5:04 PM

I have to shake my head in amazement that middle-class citizens of Kansas aren’t up in arms about the proposal that tax cuts for the rich be paid for with a sales tax that hits the middle class the hardest.

If we can’t have payroll deductions for union dues, then we shouldn’t have payroll deductions for state taxes or the United Way

The only reason Kansans are not afraid of sustainability is ignorance. This movement is the worst of the left, and just plain old political and economic corruption. Read “Behind the Green Mask.”

What could be effective in significantly decreasing the number of abortions? More sex education and birth control. Why don’t the pro-life organizations spend at least half as much effort supporting these as they do in opposing abortions?

The Kansas Legislature is trying to exempt all weaponry made here from any federal control. Yet it has been compiling multiple anti-abortion bills. I guess it is criminal to kill a fetus, but when a child takes the breath of life he is on his own.

Liberals may ask, “Why do you need an AR-15?” If so, invert the relationship. A better question, “Why don’t you want me to have one?”

Oh, my – I was looking at my BB gun (air rifle) and noticed that it could hold more than 10 BBs. Does that make it an “assault weapon”?

Putting up a sign to say something is unlawful doesn’t stop criminals. But it does put the kibosh on good guys with guns protecting folks (including children) against criminals.

Why is the responsibility (guilt trip) put on the customer to pay the servers? We did not hire them. Why doesn’t the restaurant fix this problem and pay them their due?

To those concerned about the president’s golf weekend: Monday was a holiday. Congress was out of town. So why shouldn’t the president go, too?

Is it just me or does WuShock look like Sylvester Stallone, and does Jeff Dunham’s character Walter look like Joe Biden?

Gas has gone up 44 cents a gallon in the past month – since the presidential inauguration. What’s hard to understand about that?

Ultra-rare sighting Wednesday morning on the highway – a Reno County car driving the speed limit in Sedgwick County. Who knew?

Apparently, certain insurance and cable companies don’t understand there is a line they can and have crossed – a line between advertising sufficiently and advertising so much that they turn off and away current and potential customers.

I miss Paul Harvey.

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