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02/21/2013 12:00 AM

02/20/2013 5:04 PM

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President Obama created sequestration and stated that he would veto any attempt to override it. Yet the mainstream media seem to have forgotten this and blame the Republicans for it. Do they think we are stupid? Some people certainly are for believing Obama.

I’m crying elephant tears. Obama was out in front of his usual human props decrying the budget sequestration, which was his idea in the first place. Any middle-class pain from spending cuts is his fault.

Republicans are adamant that the looming sequestration was the president’s idea. Even if it was, it passed the House with 218 Republican votes. Without those votes, there would be no sequestration on the horizon.

Remember the Bush years? He was always jetting off to his Texas ranch every little bit. He even flew foreign dignitaries out there. None of you complained.

What’s the problem with Obama golfing in Florida? Studies show people are not effective in their jobs without an occasional break – not even Republicans. I think Mitt Romney would be doing the same. Chill out.

So now those who wanted the new health care law are worried about its effects on the public and the costs. Maybe they should have thought about that before they started pushing for it. Who did they think would pay for it anyway?

Defund and harm public radio and television, and we will lose the only media that have a real claim to being “fair and balanced.” Without NPR, we could pack the radio away in the attic.

Why are kids who are “chronically hungry” allowed to stay in homes where they don’t get fed?

I have some swampland in Arizona that I’d like to sell to horizontal oil-well drillers in Kansas.

There is so little parking in the area near the Old Town police substation. Why on Earth are four spaces set aside for it, especially when patrol cars don’t even use them?

I am glad I paid the extra postage to mail my grandson’s Valentine. It took 10 days to get from Kansas to Arkansas and got there five days late. Apparently the postal donkey had a flat.

I want to thank the young man who found my purse in the parking lot of Dollar General in Parklane Shopping Center on Feb. 9. His honesty and caring toward someone he did not know were truly awesome.

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