Opinion Line Extra (Feb. 20)

02/20/2013 12:00 AM

02/19/2013 5:59 PM

If the only thing keeping liquor stores in business is the government artificially eliminating their competitors, all the more reason to change the law. You want smaller government? Start with the small things.

I hope our state legislators will spend their time and resources to close those nasty, old strip clubs. Thus they won’t have to employ anyone or to pay taxes. They must really be bad to take up so much of the time in the shortened legislative session.

Republicans helped create the debt they now do not want to pay for, which could create another banking meltdown. They are also willingly creating a budget shortfall for the state of Kansas and yet claim to be the party of fiscal responsibility. Hogwash.

President James Madison would be upset that Craig Gabel fired him from being the father of the Constitution (Feb. 16 Local & State).

I wonder if President Obama is going to work for KFC after he retires, because now he is constantly working on the fixings. He is going to fix jobs, highways, health care, social programs, immigration, gun violence and a thousand other issues. The problem is he rarely fixes anything.

If the government appears to weaken as it has in recent years, it opens itself up to all kinds of attacks – social, economic or nuclear.

Historically, Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Today Congress is fiddling around while Obama burns up the links.

If Leonard Pitts Jr. really believes the GOP is “finally over,” why would he waste an entire commentary (Feb. 11 Opinion) bashing the party and its followers?

Since the Newtown, Conn., shootings, the NRA has dug in its heels and amped up its campaigns to get youths, among others, involved in guns. All its minions have run out to buy more guns and become conceal-carry approved. A ban on assault-weapon sales shouldn’t affect many, as most already have them. Nice job, NRA.

Would someone please give me the definition of “assault rifle”?

Social Security is not an entitlement. My husband and I will never get back all the money we paid in. It’s such an insult when people act like we’re old and greedy for getting some back.

I wish a cereal company would offer a new product called Trickle Downs, and maybe Marco Rubio could be the spokesman.

Four days later, the media including The Wichita Eagle were still poking fun at Sen. Marco Rubio for taking a sip or two of water during his speech. Are they that desperate for something to find fault with on a Republican? I’ll bet he sneezes sometimes, too.

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