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02/20/2013 12:00 AM

02/19/2013 5:17 PM

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So a billion here and a billion there for state Budget Director Steve Anderson apparently doesn’t add up to much – only 14 percent of the whole budget. I wish he’d find me $2 billion. Even $2 million would be fine.

It appears that 100 percent of the Brownback administration can’t do math at a basic level.

The next Democrat who is elected governor will enjoy all the expanded power that Gov. Sam Brownback has dictated and grabbed. The conservative Republicans won’t be pleased, but it will happen.

I was in Topeka and Lawrence over the weekend. As always, I was very happy with the service and maintenance of the turnpike. Brownback needs to leave it alone. He has a bad habit of fixing things that aren’t broken and breaking them in the process.

President Obama doesn’t know enough elementary math to make policy decisions on the economy. This president is a talking head and that’s it.

America’s problems: unemployment, gas prices, teen pregnancy, health care costs, immigration reform, crime and drugs, our debt, education reform, cyberattacks, terrorist attacks and war. Obama’s solution: playing golf with Tiger Woods and getting golf lessons from Butch Harmon.

Instead of cutting the military, let’s cut the EPA, PBS, NPR, the National Endowment for the Arts and the other useless federal programs.

One reason for continuing wind-energy subsidies: It is the only renewable energy that does not require water (a precious commodity being depleted).

Even though Monday was so windy, it was nice to see the Kansas state bird, the plastic bag, was able to stay airborne.

I wonder if USD 259 would just post the days the kids are in school. It would be easier to remember. Every time I turn around, they are out for the day.

Has anyone figured out why at auto-parts stores, the phone call always takes precedence over the customer standing at the counter with money in hand?

With the abuse you see from some parents, you wonder why they were given the blessing of having children. They should have been given a plant or a tree to raise.

How about a “hard lemonade” stand this summer?

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