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February 19, 2013

Opinion Line Extra (Feb. 19)

Elections are done. The president’s parties are over. Gas prices are going up, up and away.

Elections are done. The president’s parties are over. Gas prices are going up, up and away.

The Federal Food and Drug Administration is going force supermarkets into food labeling due to a nutrition mandate under Obamacare. This is one of many new costs and regulations from this fiscal nightmare. Just what our fragile economy needs.

One reader said that Joe Biden makes George Bush look like Einstein. To take it a step further, Obama makes Nixon look like a saint.

George W. Bush could never even come close to Albert Einstein – not even if all the other human beings on this planet were brain-dead.

For the second time, a Democratic president has rescued the economy from near total collapse at the hands of Republicans. It’s unfortunate that we cannot elect Obama to two more terms, as we did Roosevelt.

If you don’t want a gun, don’t buy one. The thug breaking into your house at night will appreciate it.

I am a United States citizen. I own a gun. I’ve never fired it at anyone or anything except the paper targets at Bullet Stop. However, if it is needed to protect myself or my family or my possessions, I know where it is.

Now let’s do a report on how many billions of birds and mammals are killed by hunters and mounted on walls each year.

Several decades ago, do-gooders ran a successful campaign to close insane asylums and allow troubled people to walk free. Assuming they would diligently take their meds, liberals argued these people would have an improved lifestyle. The disastrous result is mass killings such as Sandy Hook.

If you think women in combat will have to pass the same standards as men in combat, you’re dreaming. There wouldn’t be enough of them qualify. This is all about there being enough of them so that one will rise in the ranks to general. High price to pay for a general.

The irony is the Obama administration has done everything in its power to bend over backward to accommodate the sensitivities of other cultures. Yet when it comes to having women serve in combat, it’s a different matter.

The Eagle’s Denise Neil seemed to be very impressed that Kid Rock could pour whiskey and smoke a cigarette at the same time. Wow. What an athlete this guy must be, plus a great inspiration for kids.

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