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02/19/2013 12:00 AM

02/18/2013 7:05 PM

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Flying to Florida on Air Force One, staying at an expensive resort, playing golf with Tiger Woods – when will it ever end? President Obama has so many crucial issues to deal with, and he is never in Washington, D.C., tending to business.

Why don’t we solve all of the U.S. problems and just make the minimum wage $1 million an hour? Everyone could buy everything he wanted, at least for the first 15 seconds. Problem solved.

It’s hilarious: The same people who turn a blind eye to Obama trampling the Constitution as dictator-in-chief object to Gov. Sam Brownback taking charge, with more than mere words, to simplify and streamline overreaching state government.

Thanks to The Eagle and its front-page article “Governor’s numbers come under question” (Feb. 17 Eagle), we know the governor’s great “experiment” is based on misrepresentation. How can anyone, even his own party, have any trust in Brownback now?

It’s becoming obvious that the numbers Brownback is trying to feed us are totally wrong, from the nonexistent spending cuts he takes credit for to the projected results of his proposed tax cuts. He touts his religion openly, so we know he wouldn’t lie to us. Would he?

If Brownback had such a great economic plan, he probably wouldn’t have to pull numbers out of thin air to defend it. We are getting fleeced.

Is Brownback a 21st-century version of a snake-oil salesman?

The Wichita Eagle editorial board’s endorsement of incumbent City Council members showed that the publication is at least as out of touch with reality as our government currently is.

Wanted: Wichita City Council candidates. No experience needed. Bankruptcy and tax warrants OK. Self-proclaimed activist a plus. Think about it. Is this really what the city of Wichita needs?

I truly believe that a restaurant’s kitchen is only as clean as its restrooms. I hope restaurant owners will wake up to that fact.

Come on, Shockers. Play the whole game like it is the last five minutes – torrid defense and attack on offense.

Great news regarding the upcoming use of Union Station. I have seen Gary Oborny and his group of visionaries do great things. I hope Wichita supports this effort. Occidental Management’s quiet presence stands second to none in success.

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