Opinion Line Extra (Feb. 18)

02/18/2013 12:00 AM

02/15/2013 7:12 PM

I want to know where the millions of jobs are going to come from for the undereducated illegal aliens if they are allowed citizenship. We need the middle- and lower-paying jobs for our legal citizens. There will be a big drain on our welfare and school systems.

Here in the U.S. there seem to be a lot of opponents of the use of drones, particularly since they have killed some innocent people. In Islamic countries, how come we never hear of opponents of suicide bombers, who frequently kill only innocent people?

If a U.S.-born citizen leaves his home country and joins an organization actively fighting to destroy the U.S., hasn’t that citizen made a conscious decision to give up his American rights? In exchange, he gets the thrill of becoming a potential drone target.

Firearms are the only major products manufactured for the primary purpose of injuring or killing animals and people.

It is the right of the people to keep and bear arms, not “the military.”

Policemen and firemen are not heroes until they do something heroic.

If the U.S. Postal Service will not deliver mail on Saturdays, does that mean that because of Presidents Day and other government holidays I sometimes will only get delivery four days that week? Am I, as a United States citizen, paying for these people’s retirement, too? How gross.

The government is already in too many aspects of our lives. It definitely needs to stay out of our sports. President Obama doesn’t need to meddle with the NFL as it deals with player concussions. The Legislature definitely doesn’t need to require KU and K-State to play WSU each year in basketball. Please tackle the real issues.

I’ve heard a lot of conservatives say that Mitt Romney lost the election because Hurricane Sandy took the wind out of his sails. Since a hurricane is an act of God, God must have been voting for Obama.

Democrats are adamantly against changing the current appellate judge selection process. Why? This process has quite effectively packed these courts now with Democrats, even though they are the minority political party in Kansas.

The governor’s economic policy is positively Laffer-able.

Gov. Sam Brownback is a loose cannon. He’s wrecking the state’s financial base and there’s nothing we can do about it. Tell me again how much my vote means.

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