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February 17, 2013

Opinion Line Extra (Feb. 17)

Mitt Romney was right about one thing. He said the economy would turn around after the inauguration.

Mitt Romney was right about one thing. He said the economy would turn around after the inauguration.

Is it true? Is President Obama really Santa Claus?

Anyone who seriously believes Obama is a tyrant should go to North Korea and say about Kim Jong Un what they say about Obama. Then they can tell us what a real tyrant is like – if they’re ever heard from again.

Liberals want to control all guns of good citizens, but refuse to support the death penalty for those bad citizens who use guns to kill people. Confusing?

When millions of people break a law, like our immigration laws, why does it then need reform? So if we all go out and rob banks, do they reform the bank robbery laws and make it legal?

Lawmakers need to concentrate on stopping real crime and get off the DUI bandwagon. They won’t fight real crime because nabbing DUIs is too easy and too lucrative. There is far more serious crime to thwart.

Gov. Sam Brownback’s proposal on sales tax might be more palatable if sales taxes on food and prescriptions were eliminated and if sales taxes on luxury items were increased. Many of those items are used more for personal use, but get written off as business expense. Alcoholic beverages also should be taxed more.

Is there anything you can do about geese within the city because they are killing the yards?

Why don’t we just send all the Canada geese back to Canada? They are here illegally any way.

Birds do us a great service by eating copious amounts of insects. I love to see the geese overhead, knowing that they have flown thousands of miles to be here. For now, Wichita is the Air Capital of the World. What better place for these beautiful birds and geese to be?

Maybe we could entice the geese to eat those spiked “gumballs” from gum trees, and that would constipate them to solve two problems.

With the U.S. Postal Service being in dire financial trouble, endorsing bicycle riders and advertising on TV seem to me a stretch. And Saturday delivery – who cares?

To the person who doesn’t want to see national and international news on local TV news shows: Are you nuts? Everything that goes on in this world and this nation affects this city. An informed citizen never believes ignorance is bliss.

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