Opinion Line Extra (Feb. 16)

02/15/2013 6:24 PM

02/15/2013 6:24 PM

Israel has the legal right to its land based on international law. It also has the divine right on the basis of God’s promise to Abraham and his descendants.

You’d think a deepening recession in Europe would drag the rest of the world down.

Anyone have a time machine I can use? I need to go back to at least last month so I can put gas in the car.

Freedom of speech means you will hear and read things you don’t like.

Instead of cutting the military budget, why not stop sending money to the countries that are against us, especially the ones that are run by Islamic extremists? We are paying them and furnishing them with equipment and arms while Obama wants more taxes from us. Wake up, people. Don’t blame Congress.

The Wichita weathermen’s forecasts for rain three or four days ahead are almost as ridiculous as Gov. Sam Brownback’s five-year tax plan.

Because of the income-tax cuts in Kansas, sales taxes and property taxes will need to increase to pay the bills. How many more 78-year-old people will be left on the sidewalk for the homeless shelters to care for? The millionaires can join with George W. Bush in saying, “Good job, Brownie.”

The financial meltdown of 2009 was so much fun that Republicans want to do it again, and Brownback’s plan will bankrupt Kansas. As a Democrat, I look forward to the next elections.

With the recent stabbings in Wichita, we should immediately start registration, background checks and five-day waiting periods for all knife purchases in Sedgwick County.

The low-life people burglarizing houses should remember this: My house is protected by the good Lord and a gun. If you show up unwanted, you will meet them both, son.

It would be nice for the residents of Midland City, Ala., to rename their elementary school Poland Elementary School in honor of the heroic bus driver, Charles Poland, who was killed by the man who abducted the young boy.

Several years ago my daughter-in-law was concerned about her luggage, with formal attire, arriving in time for a function at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. She was shocked to see most people dressed in jeans and flip-flops. So don’t be embarrassed by attire at “Jersey Boys” in Wichita.

Do slumlords and trashy renters have immunity? Good luck getting Central Inspection to mediate distressed property.

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