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02/16/2013 12:00 AM

02/15/2013 5:37 PM

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Voters are ruining this country by making legislators sign sworn allegiance to their cause before their legislators have a chance to listen and learn while on the job.

Is anyone else tired of living in our stingy state? Some things are more important than low taxes.

Kansas’ renewable-energy mandates mean higher electricity costs for supposedly “free wind and solar energy,” while the country is awash in cheap natural gas for power generation.

So the biggest tax cut in Kansas history means self-employed businesspeople, rental property owners, and farmers no longer have to pay Kansas tax on their income while their poor employees do. It’s paid for by raising taxes – no mortgage deduction and the higher sales tax. Welcome to the real Republican rule.

Some people wanted Sen. Pat Roberts to vote for the Violence Against Women Act. Is the act for it or against it? Most congressional laws accomplish exactly the opposite of their intended outcome.

You liberals must be deathly afraid of Sen. Marco Rubio if you have to tear him down for taking a drink of water during his rebuttal. Whenever you think someone might take the presidency, you start your dirty tricks to make him look bad. Look what you did to Mitt Romney.

My father always told me to never trust anyone who would not look you in the eye. Have you ever noticed that President Obama never looks at his audience or directly into the camera?

The new car ad with a singing George Washington and Abe Lincoln truly stinks. It diminishes the office as much as the current occupant.

How about some DUI checkpoints during the daytime? Let’s get the professional drunks off the street.

Just what Wichita and the declining Riverfest needed – another really stupid button design that doesn’t apply to anything except for sushi.

Yeah, because an octopus has everything in the world to do with Wichita, Kan.

Comrades, the proletariat of Wichita have achieved “the classless society.” Look at how they dress when they go out in public – no class at all.

I now fully understand why my grandparents and my parents stopped watching the TV news when they reached their mid-60s.

Every guy in Kansas is taking credit for that full-page Valentine’s Day ad in The Eagle. I’d like to thank whoever paid for it.

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