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02/15/2013 12:00 AM

02/14/2013 5:29 PM

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Minimum wage is not supposed to be a wage you can raise nine kids on. It is for those just entering the workforce. If minimum wage isn’t cutting it for you, obtain some skills that are deserving of higher wages.

If we can pay CEOs millions, the working-class people who make them those salaries can be paid at least $9 per hour. Those making 500 times more than the average worker can just absorb the cost and make do with a million or two less.

When Obama says the government is going to pay 100 percent of the health care expansion, he should say that “each of you will pay for the expansion.” When will the spending end?

The proposed Medicaid expansion is not about caring for the poorest of the poor. They already have Medicaid. Program expansion is always about putting people with ever-higher incomes on public assistance.

So Rep. Mike Pompeo thinks the Keystone XL pipeline will “create hundreds of thousands of jobs.” He must think it is a cross-country bucket brigade instead of a modern pipeline. I’d be amazed if it created even 1,000 long-term jobs.

Kansans for Life creates a safety hazard for a neighborhood with its complete disregard for others’ health or safety, and then wants the city to protect that neighborhood from its actions. How dumb is dumb?

Abortion is a scourge. Is that what we want our great city to be known for? There is nothing courageous or noble about ending the life of any helpless human being for any reason. We will continue to speak for those who can’t.

This past election was not the only time the Republicans thought they were leading 76 trombones, but then found out it was only a couple of piccolos.

What the NRA does not tell us is that sometimes the good guys, police officers and good old ordinary citizens with assault weapons and 100-round magazines go bad. Trouble is, who knows when?

Did you ever notice that all the pundits who think the Second Amendment cannot cover modern semi-automatic weapons have no problem at all believing that the First Amendment covers Twitter?

To the person who robbed my house: You took a sterling silver locket that has my mother’s ashes in it. I hope she haunts you for the rest of your life.

Sincere thanks to the gentleman who paid for our lunches at a south Wichita restaurant Saturday. These four old people appreciated your gesture.

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