Opinion Line Extra (Feb. 14)

02/14/2013 12:00 AM

02/13/2013 4:04 PM

Teachers, police officers and firefighters had better wake up. Gov. Sam Brownback and the conservative GOP are in the process of banning their union political clout. Next will be their ability to collectively bargain for wages and working conditions.

The TSA should take note of the effectiveness of the U.S. drone program. You think there might be some racial profiling going on there? We should quit being stupid in the defense of our nation.

Undeniable fact: If you lock up your assault rifle securely enough that a mentally unstable teenaged boy (yours or someone else’s) can’t possibly get to it, then you can’t possibly access it in time to protect your family.

President Obama knows but will not admit that China has violated every trade agreement it has ever signed. Because he is unwilling to call out the Chinese, there is no way American workers will be able to compete with them. We will not see the long-promised creation of decent jobs.

I listened to the State of the Union speech on NPR. When it was finished, they had two Republicans commenting on it. So much for NPR being biased.

Why are we considering changing the immigration laws? Millions also drive drunk illegally, so maybe we should take that law off the books also.

This country will no longer be a nation of laws the moment illegal aliens are legalized. The U.S. will now be a nation of men, and not laws.

Maybe it is time for someone outside the Kansas Turnpike Authority to run the program. They told my dad that the turnpike would be paid off in 1968, then 1972. Are they that bad with money?

Rule of thumb: When a contractor says the job will take two and a half days, what he’s really saying is at least a week.

A young woman has sued Lehigh University, claiming a C-plus she received in a class meant she couldn’t get the job she wanted. I would agree that the university failed, but the failure was in letting her enroll with none of the knowledge that is required to survive.

The unofficial spokesman for the Heart Attack Grill has died of a heart attack. Who would have guessed? Pass the vegetables, please.

The latest “Die Hard” movie is proof once again that just because they can make a movie sequel does not mean that they should make a movie sequel.

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