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February 13, 2013

Opinion Line (Feb. 13)

I have a solution for our city’s financial woes: hummus tax.

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I have a solution for our city’s financial woes: hummus tax.

The U.S. should set the example for other countries and destroy all of its nuclear weapons.

I know why Democratic presidents don’t stop campaigning long enough to govern. The last one who did govern was Jimmy Carter, and look where that got him.

Mr. President: You can push for all the social justice you want, but without jobs we are nothing.

Gentlemen, let the sequesters begin.

Shouldn’t someone with the paranoid delusion that the government is going to take all his guns be disqualified from owning them due to mental illness?

The last time the government required people to turn in their guns was at Wounded Knee, and history shows how that turned out.

It’s about self-defense. When the blackout comes, or the earthquake comes, or the riots come, that thin blue line that keeps anarchy away will disappear. That’s when all you gun haters are going to think, “Maybe I should have a gun.”

The U.S. Postal Service can be saved by declaring bankruptcy. Then it can rewrite its union labor contracts, just like most airlines have done and General Motors and Chrysler should have done.

I would like to thank the person who found my ring in the ladies’ restroom at “Jersey Boys” on Saturday afternoon and took it to lost and found. It is good to know there are still honest people in this world.

“Jersey Boys” was magnificent. It was exactly what I needed to rescue me from the January doldrums.

At “Jersey Boys,” I was amazed at how many people think jeans, an old shirt and tennis shoes are appropriate dress to attend a Broadway musical. It’s no wonder other parts of the country think we’re just a bunch of hillbillies.

When my friend and I took our 91-year-old friend to lunch to celebrate her birthday, the young couple at the next table wished her “happy birthday” and paid for our meals. We want to thank these strangers for their kindness.

Did any of you WSU fans watch the KU-KSU game Monday night? Did you see the 14th-ranked team in the country dismantle the 10th-ranked team? Are you sure you want some of that?

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