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02/12/2013 12:00 AM

02/11/2013 5:09 PM

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When I go out to eat at a restaurant I should be able to order anything I want on the menu, including a kid’s meal. No wonder Americans are obese.

Streets and highways have posted speed limits for a reason. I resent drivers who put my family in harm’s way just because they are in a hurry to get nowhere fast.

We can only hope that Wichita keeps adding facilities for homeless people and we can as a result become the homeless capital. When this happens, Wichita will rightfully claim God’s kingdom has come.

Late last night I wanted to complain about politicians’ tiresome cliches, but I decided to wait until later. I guess at the end of the day, I kicked the can down the road.

Gov. Sam Brownback has “fixed” a lot things in various state agencies that were not broken. Ask any state employee.

The way things are going for Kansas teachers, this state will have to turn to volunteers to teach the classes. Oh, wait – that’s how teachers feel right now.

The front page of the Sunday Eagle contained 19 reasons why I keep a gun (“19 killers released in past 3 years”). Nineteen lifetime sentences indeed. If anyone of the 19 commits another act of violence, will those who freed them be held accountable?

Jesus would probably be quite surprised to learn of gun training in His name. As I recall from Sunday school, He preached turning the other cheek.

Obama’s moves may end up making war more likely, not less.

With Obamanomics, the wealthy will be taxed at such a high rate they will close down business or leave the country, the middle class will struggle even more, the poor will survive on whatever scraps the government throws their way, and the elites in government will live large.

Republican legislators preach limited government intrusion, except for important issues like women’s reproductive health and basketball.

I get sick of seeing Division I schools in Iowa, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Texas, but not in Kansas, play each other on a regular basis in basketball. Legislate it.

Saturday was the City League wrestling tournament. These young men are hardworking, dedicated athletes. They deserve better coverage in The Eagle.

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