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February 10, 2013

Opinion Line (Feb. 10)

“If you build it, they will come.” Keep adding facilities for the homeless and Wichita could become the homeless capital.

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“If you build it, they will come.” Keep adding facilities for the homeless and Wichita could become the homeless capital.

Thanks to Paul Gray for challenging the numbers presented by the Wichita Downtown Development Corp. It looks like city leaders and their buddies present any numbers they want, as the mayor and his council know that the taxpayer is not paying attention. Whom do our elected officials really represent?

Puerto Rico says it wants to become a U.S. state. Texas wants to drop out. Let’s swap.

Will Kansas be the last state to pass laws on how spy drones used by the government, state and local law enforcement can be used against us? They do not need to tell me how many times my dog squats in my backyard.

Before changing the law to delay the renewable-energy mandates, our legislators might want to consider where Kansas is going to get the water to support all the fracking projects some foresee as an economic boon. Are they going to reduce water allocations for agricultural, manufacturing or residential users? Now is the time to speak up.

Now I get it. First they exempt business owners such as the Kochs from Kansas income tax. Then they take away my home mortgage deduction to pay for it.

If low-income people didn’t have to pay sales taxes, and they already don’t pay income taxes, and they consume a larger potion of tax-financed support services, then how much of a free ride do they want? Shouldn’t everyone at least pay something?

The Legislature is once again showing its lack of intelligence. Wasting time on a bill to force a KU-WSU basketball game? Before taking office, legislators should be required to pass a test on the Kansas Open Meetings Act, and pass a urine analysis and the state reading and math assessments.

If the Legislature mandated that Wichita State begin playing football, you know the KU people would want the same thing.

Senate President Susan Wagle should say what is deducted from her state paycheck. There may be some deduction she has that I don’t agree with.

The Kansas voter-ID law and proposed drug testing of welfare recipients have several things in common. Both are rationalized with anecdotal stories while ignoring published evidence to the contrary. Both are prejudiced against people of color. Both infringe on constitutional rights as a function of socioeconomic class.

Elect a president by popular vote? The election would never end. Imagine Florida times 50.

Young people need to get out of their dream world and develop a backbone, not a wishbone.

I have heard that the power outage at the Super Bowl was all George Bush’s fault. I’ve also heard that it was Beyonce’s fault. Depends on your politics, I guess.

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