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02/09/2013 12:00 AM

02/08/2013 5:28 PM

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State Sen. Michael O’Donnell should submit a bill to require KU and WSU to play Connor Frankamp and the other North High guys. They all seem evenly matched. Could be terrific game.

The KU men’s basketball team usually waits until the NCAA Tournament to learn that five guys who play well together and carry out the fundamentals can often beat a team loaded with high school superstars who do neither.

After the TCU loss, now KU men’s basketball coach Bill Self knows how KU football coach Charlie Weis feels.

Attorney General Derek Schmidt and Gov. Sam Brownback want the court’s ruling on school finance sent to mediation. Yep, anything to keep the money from kids’ education, to line the rich man’s pocket.

President Bush waterboarded three terrorists and the national press went berserk. President Obama uses drones to kill Americans without due process. Nice job by our compliant, Obama-adoring national media. If this does not reveal their extraordinary double standard, nothing will.

Regarding the use of drones in the targeted killing of U.S. citizens abroad: Good, I say. Any American who leaves this country and joins a terrorist organization should, by law, have his citizenship automatically revoked. If captured on the battlefield, he should be interrogated, tried for treason and executed.

Why is it that some people don’t like Brownback being the emperor but do like Obama being the emperor?

Republicans are insisting that people show their ID to vote. Yet they scream it’s unconstitutional to require ID to purchase a firearm at a gun show. Makes sense to me.

A humane netting program on the golf courses and in parks could capture many of the geese that are fouling Wichita’s sidewalks and ponds. Those captured could be given to food programs for the underprivileged and homeless.

With Afghanistan winding down, could we redeploy military assets to a different security risk – removal of geese and their feces landmines from Riverside Park? The residue is so thick that children can’t walk there, let alone play.

You can’t blame the geese for wanting to visit Wichita with all its subdivision ponds, surrounded by fresh winter wheat.

The only real solution to the Canada goose problem is for our federal representatives to help change the laws to permit limited harvesting of the geese for population management and control.

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