Opinion Line Extra (Feb. 8)

02/08/2013 12:00 AM

02/07/2013 5:09 PM

President Obama is wasting no time in starting his world travels again at taxpayers’ expense. He should stay in the White House and take care of business.

Why doesn’t Obama lead by example in cutting the debt by getting rid of Air Force One (one of the largest business jets in the world) and Marine One (the helicopter version of a business jet)? Save us all that money and take a bus.

In 2006, the first-term Democratic Sen. Obama representing Illinois said that merely debating a debt-limit increase was “a sign of leadership failure.”

The house of cards that is the present administration’s fiscal policy will fall. The Keynesian foolishness – no matter how it is portrayed by the true believers, the uninformed, the uninvolved and the pretzel-logic devotees – this dog won’t long hunt. Not in the past, not now, not ever.

Every time the U.S. Postal Service raises rates, it loses business. Congress must cut the leash, and the Postal Service must change its business model and get rid of the unions. Then and only then can it become profitable.

What a lousy deal – a competent, conscientious state legislator gets replaced by some guy who can only think about basketball games.

Leonard Pitts needs to do a little more homework (“Civil rights leaders didn’t need guns,” Feb. 4 Opinion). Have him ask how many blacks feel the need today to carry a firearm for protection. He needs to get out of the euphoric views of the ‘60s.

Nice try, Cal Thomas, but Hobby Lobby is not a church (“Still problems with contraception mandate,” Feb. 6 Opinion).

I wish right-to-life people would also fight ferociously for the lives of homeless and abused children, and not just those of the unborn. Do children only matter as long as they are in the womb?

So an organization that is causing all the disruption at a business that is not disruptive itself, if left alone, wants that business rezoned so it won’t cause a disruption? Huh? The City Council should tell Kansans for Life to take a hike.

Two weeks ago, I was afraid that WSU coach Gregg Marshall might move on at the end of the season. Now I am afraid that we are stuck with him and his long-term contract.

If you ever get hold of a Wichita Eagle that appears to be perfectly folded, hang onto it. It will surely become a collector’s item.

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