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February 8, 2013

Opinion Line (Feb. 8)

No mail on Saturdays? Awesome. One less day in the week to forget to go out and get the mail.

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No mail on Saturdays? Awesome. One less day in the week to forget to go out and get the mail.

The only ones against eliminating Saturday delivery are the postal unions, which are the reason the Postal Service is broke. When you cannot fire incompetence, incompetence will prevail.

I want to see a complete tax plan from the governor and Legislature. It’s obvious no one has done a dynamic cash-flow study of the recent proposals. Yet, incredibly, they are about to be voted upon.

Why do Kansans have to be Gov. Sam Brownback’s lab rats?

State Sen. Michael O’Donnell is amazing. Apparently, he has solved all of the state’s most important problems (taxes, education, health care) and now is handling the athletic directors’ jobs at KU and WSU. We are so lucky to have a man of his abilities representing us.

While O’Donnell is trying to legislate Kansas sports, why not pass a law that WSU has to resume playing football and get into a real conference?

When will people realize that any kind of deficit reduction – whether through spending decrease or tax increase – will harm the economy? It’s not magic, just math. Deficit spending has been propping up the economy for years, so we had better get ready for when it ends.

It has to make President Obama feel good that he no longer has to pretend that he is a centrist. He has jerked the car called the United States so hard to the left that we are through the fence and out to the green pastures of unsustainable liberalism.

The Second Amendment doesn’t give people the right to own any gun they want. It gives the military the right to protect a free state and let the people help them. The government can make laws stating what guns you can have.

If they won’t trust you with a gun, how long will they trust you with something really powerful, like a pen?

Once we get the traffic cops to obey the posted speed limits, we can accuse our police officers of impeding the flow of traffic.

Explain why the Catholic private schools are allowed to play 6A Wichita teams in regular season games, then compete with 5A teams in the state tournaments. Other states allow teams to only move up during tournament play.

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