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02/07/2013 12:00 AM

02/06/2013 6:45 PM

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Why do state lawmakers have the time to enact a law requiring KU and WSU to play each other in basketball when they can’t find the time to enact a medical marijuana law? If they had a loved one with a debilitating long-term medical problem, they would find the time.

The bill should say that KU and KSU will play WSU at Intrust Bank Arena every other year, and that WSU will go to KU and KSU those same years. In this way, all the schools would make more money.

A true conservative is very cautious about major changes. Gov. Sam Brownback forges ahead without considering the consequences. He is not a true conservative but a dangerous, radical ideologue.

The law allows you to delay paying taxes on your property for a whole year. Exempting people from paying property taxes because their homes recently were destroyed would be like exempting people from paying their 2012 income tax because they lost their jobs in 2013.

I’m tired of hearing the term “immigration reform.” That’s Democrat-speak for “Let’s make all the border-crossing criminals citizens, and then they will vote for us and we don’t care about destroying the U.S. in the process.” Just enforce the existing laws and kick out the criminals.

I wish the government would ban people who want to kill people.

If you have to ask permission to bear arms, you are a subject.

Are we asleep at the wheel? The government wants to ban our right to bear arms, yet it is arming our enemies with fighter planes and real assault weapons. We had better keep our semi-automatic weapons. We may need to defend ourselves.

None of the recommendations for new gun control would have stopped or even deterred the Sandy Hook shootings. To prevent shootings, get wire-reinforced glass on doors and require slide bolts to be used on all classrooms when in use.

If the federal government were as concerned about spending control as it is gun control, I would not have seen a dramatic reduction in my paycheck. How does spending my tax dollars bring prosperity? At this rate, it will be more worthwhile to stay home and collect welfare.

My daughter is starting me on a new eating plan. It does not include bacon. I think she is trying to get even with me for something.

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