Opinion Line Extra (Feb. 6)

02/06/2013 12:00 AM

02/05/2013 5:31 PM

If Kansas is looking at new school science standards that are internationally benchmarked, you can bet those are being forced on America by the United Nations to take away our liberty. And they won’t have the important stuff, like the right way to line your hat with aluminum foil.

State legislators should not waste time, and that means tax money, discussing anything about making pot legal. They have much more important business to take care of and always will.

The sooner the 2016 presidential race distracts Gov. Sam Brownback, the better. Someone please feed his ego by assuring him he can win, but only if he immediately devotes all efforts to his campaign. The destructively unpalatable fruit born of his actions here will certainly, by 2016, doom his campaign.

I find the railing about conservatives taking over the Republican Party amusing, when there wasn’t a peep when the communists took over the Democrat Party.

If President Obama decides to run for third term, I will probably vote for him.

At Obama’s inaugural address, he said that failing to take action on climate change “would betray our children and future generations.” Apparently he’s not concerned about the mounting debt affecting our children and future generations. It seems that the debt is much more problematic than climate change.

First, I don’t worship my guns. Second, I don’t buy the premise that having a gun and following Christ are mutually exclusive. And third, although it’s true the Lord created man equal, guns ensure they stay that way.

The reason for allowing women in combat is that they are running out of men.

It’s only a short time until women’s libbers complain there aren’t an equal number of female officers in the military.

The U.S. Postal Service gave the Lance Armstrong cycling team a $31.9 million deal. Is it any wonder it loses money? When was the last time you said to yourself, “Yeah, I gotta go out and mail some stuff”? The post office is a prime example of inefficiency.

Nothing could be worse than a hypocritical Baptist, and you know who you are.

To the man in the red T-shirt who walked through Dillons coughing, then made a rude face when I told him he should cover his mouth: Thank you for spreading your nasty germs to the rest of us. If generosity comes in all forms, I hope you get your share.

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